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The Russia-Africa Shared Vision 2030 report gathers information and insights on Russia-Africa relations. The report includes macroeconomic reviews, analysis of political and economic systems in Africa, as well as risk assessment. Based on the data presented, a team of experts is developing forecasts and recommendations on how to boost Russia-Africa relations until 2030.
Amidst the growing interest in Africa (for the umpteenth time), Russian private and public institutions need a reliable roadmap that would enable them to avoid at least some of the mistakes that have already been made repeatedly.
In this regard, the Russian expert community and its African partners are, under the RAvision 2030 project, jointly considering the major markets for Russian products and services in Africa, as well as Russian investments and projects. On the basis of analysis and findings, conclusions on Russia's opportunity to occupy certain niches and on Africa's role in the implementation of Russian presidential decrees have been made.
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The Russia-Africa Shared Vision 2030 report is the outcome of many years of analysis of economic trends and political decisions by foreign and Russian experts, experience gathered by Russian business representatives and missions in Africa.
The report will become not only a consolidated material containing the necessary information for decision-making for Russian organizations, but also a source of proposals that would form the basis for Russia's strategy in Africa.
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Technology partner
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The team of contributors is made up of leading Russian and African researchers. It also features representatives of federal executive and legislative authorities of Russia and African countries, as well as interested enterprises and organizations. Representatives of public and non-profit organizations also took part in the work.
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Analysis of political and economic systems in Africa

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Analysis of national and cross-border development strategies

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